Central Perks

Hello hello. I’m sitting in Central Park with a cup of coffee and a beautiful view of the intricate New York skyline. It’s so vaguely familiar. I can’t tell if the memories I have here are real or fragments my mind has created out of pictures I’ve seen. Either way, it feels so good to be back.

Flying in last night was incredibly hectic. My cousin, Clare, was supposed to pick me up at Laguardia at 11:45 pm but my flight kept on getting delayed from leaving my layover in the Twin Cities. After an hour and a half delay, I finally stepped foot on the plane, only to find out we might be rerouted to JFK. I ended up flying into Kennedy at 2 am, causing Clare to race all over New York to find me. It was quite an adventure. On the plus side, on both of my planes I sat next to two different middle aged bald gentlemen wearing newsies hats that gave me some pretty good international advice.

Today, I slept in and took my sweet time in the morning. Clare is working today, so I’ve had the day to myself. The apartment we’re staying at is right next to Lincoln Center & Central Park so I’ve been doing some good wandering. I keep on getting lost and having a slight freak out before realizing that New York is probably the easiest place to get around ever. I think if I keep my wits about me I’ll be just fine.

Later today I’m meeting one of my moms friends from her Mommy & Me group way back when. I’m excited and nervous but mostly very interested in learning more about a woman I barely knew, yet people keep telling me I am so similar to.

With love and a wandering heart full of exploration,


(Ps. I’m trying to find a coffee place I like more than my beloved One World Cafe and I’ve only yet tried Joe & The Juice and I don’t recommend it. On to the next coffee shop!)


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