Nearing Departure 

What a strange moment I’m living in. I’m suspended between a love for comfort and an intense excitement for a new place unknown to me. This limbo warps moments until they blend together; some sprinting and some standing perfectly still.

Last night, I had a big going-away party at the local cafe. My band, as well as other pals, played some jams. The love that settled on the cafe was tangible. People held my hand while I sang and danced along to all our songs. We started out with some classics: Come Together and Magic Carpet Ride, songs we’ve played together so many times that it’s almost expected. We ended the night on the song “Kathleen” which was the soundtrack to my life in Moscow. Music is such a defining point in my existence, it only seemed appropriate to end this chapter of my life surrounded by music.

Euphoria does not begin to describe the feeling that engulfed me last night. I looked out on the crowd and saw faces that I’ve known and grown with all of my life supporting me as I move on to something completely foreign to all of us. I hope everyone can feel that kind of support at some point in their life.

That’s what makes it so difficult to leave. I love my town. I’m not trying to get away from it, as many people are. I’m content here. I just gambling and hoping to hit jackpot.

But the people close to my heart will be here when I come home. A good friend told me yesterday, “we are not friends because we share the same daily lives, we are friends because we share the same core values and no distance or time apart will change that”. She is very wise.

Until the 25th, I’m still packing and taking inventory of my belongings. Running around doing errands has never been my favorite task but it must be done before I get on any plane. Soon, I’ll be in New York for the first time in 13 years and then I’m off to Frankfurt. I’ll take lots of pictures and try to post on here more.

With love and anxious excitement,



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